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What to do if your electrics have trippped

Always remember that a device tripping or a fuse blowing is normally a symptom of a fault somewhere else.

Go you your fuse box or consumer unit

Are any of the trips in the down (off) position. If so you can attempt to reset them ONCE.

TIP:some trip switches, particularly those branded MEM and Eaton, do not trip to the off position but to a middle position. These are reset by pushing them DOWN first, then UP.

If the trip goes back down you still have a fault present.

Is the tripped switch an RCD or a circuit breaker?

An RCD will always have a trip button on it, which is a small black white or yellow pushbutton. If it is an RCD it may control a GROUP of circuits immediately to its left or right. Turn these circuits OFF (down) then reset the RCD. Then put them on again one at a time. Some old systems have one RCD as the MAIN SWITCH so you will need to switch ALL of the individual circuits off before trying to reset it.

Is the tripped circuit a socket circuit?

Try unplugging all of the appliances (pull the plugs, don’t just turn them off). Be sure to include built-in kitchen appliances, extractor fan, appliances in the garage and in outbuildings, water features and external lighting. Now try to reset the RCD.

Tried all of this (or don’t want to)?

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